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Whitening Gel

Fluoride Mouth Rinse

Hygiene services provided by dentist

General Treatments

The Khandallah Dental Centre provides all forms of treatment that fall under the scope of general dentistry. White fillings are regularly placed by our dentists to restore decayed or broken teeth. They are very aesthetic, and can blend with your tooth very well to give a natural appearance. 

We also offer bleaching services to whiten your overall smile and improve appearance. We select only the best products to ensure that you get optimum results with little or no discomfort and are happy discuss whether whitening could be an option for you, at your next appointment. 

For teeth that require more extensive care, our dentists may provide treatment in the form of root fillings or extractions. These may sound scary and painful, and perhaps 20 years ago they were, but modern dentistry has a range of ways to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the treatment. If you do have questions or concerns, come in and talk to one of our dentists about the processes involved and how they can make the course of treatment less intimidating.

Our dentists provide a range of prosthetic treatment, including crowns for severely broken down teeth, bridges and dentures for replacing missing teeth and implant restorations. We are proud to say that all our lab work is carried out by dental laboratories within New Zealand, ensuring optimum quality and supporting other local businesses.

Some patients have more specialised treatment needs, such as wanting information about getting braces (orthodontics) or very tricky wisdom teeth to be removed. While we do our best to provide all treatment on site, if your situation is simply too complex, we have great working relationships with various specialists in the region and are happy to organise any referrals you require.